2017 Skoda Vision C Review Price Specs

Skoda has unveiled the Vision C concept model at the Geneva Motor Show, which is an event where Skoda has unveiled lots of their new models in the past. The concept car got amazing reviews and it seems that even the potential customers are interested in it, which is why the Czech car manufacturer decided to start with the production of the 2017 Skoda Vision C concept sometime next year. Reports suggest that the Vision C production model will be sold as standalone model and will not replace any of the three sedans that the Czech manufacturer is already selling – Rapid, Octavia or Superb.

2017 Skoda Vision C Exterior

The manufacturer did not publish any specifications of the exterior of the production model, so it is not known where exactly is this model going to fit in the line up – most likely it will be between Octavia and Superb. When it comes to the concept itself, it is probably one of the most beautiful five-door sedans we have seen this year. The Czech manufacturer even claims that the production version of the concept – the 2017 Skoda Vision C will be very similar to the concept they have shown.

2017 Skoda Vision C side view

The front of the car has a nice front grille that dominates the front and is covered in chrome with small angular headlights just barely touching it. The interesting detail is that the fog lights and the headlights are in exactly the same shape, but the fog lights are significantly smaller. Apart from that, there are no more details on the front – which is something Czech manufacturer is known for – they make cars that have simple, clean and minimalistic design. The back of the car has boomerang-shaped LED taillights, with a small bumper and with no exhaust pipes (which is something that the production version is surely going to have).

Skoda Vision C 2017 Interior

The interior that was shown in the Vision C concept looks like an interior that you would expect to see in a concept car. Unfortunately, the production model will certainly have a completely different interior.

2017 Skoda Vision C interior

Some reports that have surfaced on the Web recently suggest that the 2017 Skoda Vision C will come with a big touch screen display that will be located in the center of the dashboard and will be primarily used for infotainment and satellite navigation. Apart from that, it is expected that the 2017 Skoda Vision C will come with leather seats and a newly designed steering wheel.

Engine of the new Skoda Vision C

It is not yet known which engines are going to be offered in the production model of the Vision C concept car, but there are some reports that claim that the base version of the 2017 Skoda Vision C will have a small 1.4l TDI engine that produces around 110 horsepower. Along with that, there should also be more powerful petrol versions.

2017 Skoda Vision C engine

2017 Skoda Vision C Price and Release date

The 2017 Skoda Vision C will be a new model, so the price is not yet known. The Skoda Vision C 2017 will go on sale in late 2016.

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