2016 BMW X6 Price Release Date

One of the most controversial models that the German manufacturer BMW has ever released is most definitely the BMW X6. When it was first introduced, the segment for this model did not exist – because it has a coupe configuration, but the size and shape of a SUV and it was the first car that was like that. While the experts thought that the German manufacturer made a mistake – the customers did not. The sales went through the roof and since then it is one of the most popular cars that BMW currently has in its lineup. The current X6 was introduced in 2015 and because of that the upcoming 2016 BMW X6 should not be very different.

2016 BMW X6 Exterior

We have mentioned before the odd exterior form of the X6, but you appreciate it more when you see it in person – just because of its size. According to the reports that have recently surfaced on the Web, the good news is that the BMW X6 2016 will be very similar in shape in size to its predecessor, but the bad news is that there are going to be so few changes that it will be hard to differentiate the two models.

2016 BMW X6 side view

The German manufacturer, according to the reports, plans to redesign the front bumper, to make it fit better into the overall design and to enable more air to pass to cool the brakes as well. Headlights will not change their size, but they will certainly get new LED elements, which is also true for the taillights in the back.

2016 BMW X6 trunk

Along with taillights, the German manufacturer appears to be dissatisfied with the rear bumper and the diffuser – because these two elements are going to be changed the most. There is no information about the color choices and the alloy wheels, which means that it is likely that the 2016 BMW X6 will be offered with the same as its predecessor.

2016 BMW X6 Interior

SUVs have gained their popularity by having stunning interiors and, luckily the 2016 BMW X6 will be no exception – with the interior that was designed and built with the luxury and comfortable driving in mind – it is going to be leader in its segment.

2016 BMW X6 interior front view

In terms of design, nothing is going to be changed. However, some reports claim that the German manufacturer will expand the list of the features and equipment that are going to be included as standard.

BMW X6 2016 Engine

Reports suggest that the 2016 BMW X6 is going to have same engines as its predecessor. They have decided to keep the rear-wheel drive that was introduced with the 2015 model. The base engine is the 3.0l 6-cylinder turbocharged engine producing 300 horsepower and exactly the same amount of torque.

2016 BMW X6 engine

For those who need more power, there are going to be two versions of the 4.4l V8 engine – regular will produce around 450 horsepower, while the 2016 BMW X6 M will have the same engine that will produce 567 horsepower.

2016 BMW X6 Price & Release date

The base version of the 2016 BMW X6 should start at around $60,000. The 2016 BMW X6 should go on sale in the spring of 2016.

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