2015 Ford Ranger Price Review

Ford Ranger is a mid-size pickup that was first unveiled in 2010 as a standalone model that is going to be offered in Europe and Asia, while the American manufacturer decided not to offer it in North American car market, because it would conflict with the another Ford pickup – the F-150. Over the years, this model was able to grab attention of customers looking for a new mid-size pickup and it is the best selling Ford model in Australian market. However, since it was first introduced it hasn’t received any crucial updates, so this model is now practically outdated. Because of that, the American manufacturer plans to unveil a brand new 2015 Ford Ranger by the end of the year.

2015 Ford Ranger Exterior

Luckily, the American manufacturer has previously released lots of official images of the new 2015 Ford Ranger, so we basically already know what there is to know about it. First of all, the new Ranger is going to be completely redesigned, both on the outside and on the inside. The front now looks more aggressive than ever before and it comes with lots of interesting details – first thing you’ll notice is the big front grille that has lots of chrome accents and it houses the big blue Ford logo with Ranger branding on the chrome bar right above it.

2015 Ford Ranger side view

Furthermore, the headlights are quite small, especially when you take in account the size of this pickup, but it does not matter because the American manufacturer decided to use the LED elements, which are quite small. The front bumper is a little smaller and rounder, and now it comes with integrated fog lights. The back of the 2015 Ford Ranger is fairly standard – it comes with large vertical taillights (that now have LED elements), cargo door that has both Ford and Ranger branding and the cargo space has chrome anti-roll bar.

Ford Ranger 2015 Interior

The interior, just like the exterior is completely new. The biggest surprise is that the whole cabin does not look like it belongs to a pickup truck, instead it looks like it is from a family car. Ford has decided to use a big touch screen display that is used for both satellite navigation and infotainment system.

2015 Ford Ranger interior

The layout and the design of the dashboard are stunning – it is black with lots of metallic accents and everything seems to be perfectly put in its place. The cabin of the 2015 Ford Ranger is not only functional, but it is comfortable as well.

Ford Ranger Engine

Even though the upcoming 2015 Ford Ranger is completely redesigned, there have been no changes under the hood. It is going to have the same 3.2l Duratorq 5-cylinder diesel engine that produces 197 horsepower and 347 lb-ft of torque.

2015 Ford Ranger engine

For those who are looking for more fuel efficiency, there will be a 2.2l diesel and a 2.5l petrol engines.

2015 Ford Ranger Price and Release Date

The price of the base model should start at around $23,000. The Ford Ranger 2015 should go on sale by the end of 2015.

2015 Ford Ranger rear view

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