2016 Peugeot 6008 Review

Despite the fact Peugeot was losing a lot of sales back in 2008, the managed to recover quite nicely and most of their current cars sell just as good as those of their competitors. However, they still need a lot of work, especially with their crossover class which is a bit too cluttered and not that well structured. In order to change that, they are going to make their crossovers under the x008 brand which means that the current 5008 MPV is actually going to be discontinued and replaced with the 2016 Peugeot 6008, a medium size crossover that will offer seven seats as standard as well as more powerful engines than its predecessor.

2016 Peugeot 6008 Exterior Design

In terms of exterior design, the French company only released minor details about the 2016 Peugeot 6008 such as the size or the seating layout. The car will be just as long and tall as the C4 Grand Picasso and it will share the same wheelbase but it will be a bit wider than it in order to accommodate the wider wheels and tires.

2016 Peugeot 6008 side view

The front end is likely going to share a lot of design cues with the 308 and the 408 while at the back we may see an all new design that will likely be used on their other crossovers as well.

Interior of the new Peugeot 6008

Inside the cabin, the 6008 will be quite impressive for its price and very spacious as well. As standard it will come with seven seats and there might be a six seats version available as well for certain markets.

2016 Peugeot 6008 interior

The design of the dashboard and the interior in general will be similar to that of the 308 or even the 2008 but the materials will be tuned up a notch.

Peugeot 6008 2016 Engine

Engine wise, the 2016 Peugeot 6008 should come on the market with three different types of engines. A 1.6 petrol engine will be the base unit which will provide 165, 205 or 270 horsepower and up to 350 N*m of torque. A 2 liter diesel offering 150, 180 or 210 horsepower and up to 400 N*m of torque is also going to be available as an option.

2016 Peugeot 6008 engine

Both of these will be available with either a 6 speed manual or a 6 speed automatic and all wheel drive as standard, a really nice bonus for such a large car. Many also rumored that the 1.6 liter diesel would also be installed on this model but so far it seems that Peugeot wants the car to become a bit more than just a family cruiser.

The most interesting engine option though would be the 1.6 liter hybrid which will use the most powerful 270 horsepower petrol engine coupled to an electric motor offering a combined output of 340 horsepower and well over 400 N*m of torque. Unfortunately it seems that this engine will likely be offered only on the Chinese market while in Europe a 1.6 liter diesel hybrid could be released at a later date.

2016 Peugeot 6008 Release Date and Price

This new car will fall in line with their new 2008 compact crossover and with a future sportier version as well. The Peugeot 6008 will actually get an all new platform with the EMP2 which also underpins the 308 as well as the 408. However, unlike the other two, the 6008 will be the only one offering a four wheel drive system which will make it a bit heavier and also more expensive.

2016 Peugeot 6008 logo

The price has not been announced just yet but many people expect it to be around 30% more than the equivalent C4 Grand Picasso which would still be well worth the money. The release date on the other hand will be at the end of 2016 and the production model will follow shortly after.

2016 Audi A4 Review, Price and Release Date

General Impression

The features that distinguish newly made 2016 Audi A4, among its main competitors, are the car’s aesthetics, which is, arguably, overwhelming, timeless and highly attractive. Starting from its restructured exterior to its fully redesigned and richly trimmed main cabin. All all-wheel-drive A4 models are, undoubtedly, unsurpassed, both in its general appearance and by impeccabilities in overall performances. These upgrades and modifications were, definitely, worth of waiting.

Interior, Exterior & Appearance

2016 Audi A4 front-left side

Originally, all-new made Audi A4, has imagined as a five-passenger luxury sedan, which will be available for global sale in two trim levels: Premium and Premium Plus. Generally speaking, when we take into our consideration, the latest upgraded variant and compare it to all-new one, there some pretty notable changes, when speaking about interior design.

2016 Audi A4 Avant back

For example, over the number of years, some kind of Audi’s A4 trademark was understated dashboard design and, of course, the usage of nothing but the premium quality materials for covering the whole inner part of a car. These features are present in the 2016 Audi A4. Its luxurious interior has been additionally enriched with leather upholstery (while many rivals start with vinyl) and crisp gauges that have been jeweled with masterfully crafted Audi’s signature in the font. An extra touch of luxury has been added by highly exclusive red nighttime illumination.

2016 Audi A4 front-side

When it comes to the hi-tech features, there is something for everybody. The Audi’s both, engineers as well as designed have worked very hard to offer a very wide range of the most various gadgets, which will satisfy even the most refined taste of their customers. Hence, there are advanced entertainment and information system, which are controlled by the Audi’s widely known and utterly praised, MMI, which occupies the central spot on the imaginatively crafted dashboard. It’s, in fact, present the latest version of a central display screen and a rotary controller paired with an adequate buttons and switches of all kinds.

2016 Audi A4 Avant

Depending of an exact opted trim level, there are available: automatic xenon headlights that are coupled with restyled LED accents, automatic wipers, fully restyled fog lights, heated mirrors, a stunning sunroof, a slightly upgraded cruise control matched with a tri-zone automatic climate control.

2016 Audi A4 Interior

An eight power front seats that come along coupled with 60/40-split folding rear seatbacks, full leather upholstery, already mentioned-Audi’s MMI infotainment system of the latest generation that is available in pair with a 6.5-inch full color touchscreen display and a dash-mounted controller and many others, pretty handle and utterly useful features.

2016 Audi A4 Interior-side

Awesome A4 has historically been considered a compact luxury sedan and now, equipped with all the features have been mentioned above, it has, certainly, justified its luxury status.


Every brand new Audi A4 comes along empowered with a single powertrain option- a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. This particular engine is considered to be just powerful enough to develop the strength of around 220 horsepower and to deliver approximate a 258 pound-feet of torque. We have, already, mentioned that the Audi A4 is adjusted to front wheel drive and matched with a continuously variable transmission (CVT). All-wheel drive mode is also available and will be offered in pair with either a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Release Date & Prices

The estimated price of the 2016 Audi A4 comes in a range of about $32,000 and $36,000. Although, its release date has been officially scheduled until the end of the previous year, the Audi’s developers have postponed it to the early beginning of the current year. Why this extraordinary model hasn’t been on the US streets just yet, it’s a mystery. Once the 2016 Audi A4 hits the global car markets and, hopefully, goes on a global sale, it will be available to order as both saloon and as an Avant estate form.

Review of 2016 Audi A4: