2017 Fisker Karma Price Specs

Fisker, a highly futuristic car company which made one of the most impressive range extender vehicles in the World, went bankrupt back in 2013 and since then they did not built a single car. While there have been quite a few companies which tried to buy the bankrupt Fisker, only a few months ago one of them actually did it. Wanxiang, which is the biggest parts supplier in China by a big margin, decided to rename the company Karma and their next vehicle, Karma Elux. While it may be a departure from the 2017 Fisker Karma everyone was expecting, the car will actually be very similar to the older model. Continue reading “2017 Fisker Karma Price Specs”

2016 Fisker Karma Hybrid Sports Car

While Fisker may not be as well known as Tesla, they were one of the first manufacturers to make an extended range hybrid car which unfortunately was not all that successful mostly to the extremely high price tag of the car and due to its founder which was not able to keep the company on the market. However, not too long ago, the biggest parts supplier in China managed to acquire the old Fisker company and renamed it Karma, after the only car they were making. While this may not be all that exciting, it seems that they will be making a 2016 Fisker Karma which will most likely be launched at a later date. Continue reading “2016 Fisker Karma Hybrid Sports Car”