2015 Ford Ranger Price Review

Ford Ranger is a mid-size pickup that was first unveiled in 2010 as a standalone model that is going to be offered in Europe and Asia, while the American manufacturer decided not to offer it in North American car market, because it would conflict with the another Ford pickup – the F-150. Over the years, this model was able to grab attention of customers looking for a new mid-size pickup and it is the best selling Ford model in Australian market. However, since it was first introduced it hasn’t received any crucial updates, so this model is now practically outdated. Because of that, the American manufacturer plans to unveil a brand new 2015 Ford Ranger by the end of the year. Continue reading “2015 Ford Ranger Price Review”

2017 Ford Ranger Engine Price

Ford Ranger was one of the pickups from the lineup of the American manufacturer that was sold primarily in the United States, but in 2012 they have realized that the Ranger and the F-150 are competing with each in other in sales and Ford didn’t want to jeopardize the popularity of the F-150 – because of that they decided to stop offering Ranger in the United States. However, at the same time they decided to offer it in certain markets, where this model is quite a success. The American manufacturer plans to unveil the 2017 Ford Ranger in the coming weeks, as a replacement of the model that was unveiled in 2010. Continue reading “2017 Ford Ranger Engine Price”

2016 Ford Ranger Release Date Price

First details about the upcoming 2016 Ford Ranger have finally seen the light of day. Most of you will agree that during the last decade, the compact truck segment was pretty uninspiring and dull primarily because it lacked competition, but it seems that things will change once the powerful Ford Ranger 2016 sets its tires on road. The company announced that the new Ranger will be a really tough and smart vehicle. It is expected to bring a completely new level of refinement of comfort in business. They have also announced that they managed to achieve all this without sacrificing the rugged capability which this segment demands. The vehicle will be more stylish, it will have smart and functional interior, and from all indications it will have a really powerful engines under its hood. Continue reading “2016 Ford Ranger Release Date Price”