2017 Fisker Karma Price Specs

2017 Fisker Karma front view

Fisker, a highly futuristic car company which made one of the most impressive range extender vehicles in the World, went bankrupt back in 2013 and since then they did not built a single car. While there have been quite a few companies which tried to buy the bankrupt Fisker, only a few months ago one of them actually did it. Wanxiang, which is the biggest parts supplier in China by a big margin, decided to rename the company Karma and their next vehicle, Karma Elux. While it may be a departure from the 2017 Fisker Karma everyone was expecting, the car will actually be very similar to the older model.

2017 Fisker Karma Design

It will share the same chassis, the exterior design is expected to be nearly identical but the car will get an improved interior as well as a more efficient powertrain.

2017 Fisker Karma side view

The current nonexistent dealer’s network will likely be improved considerably until the car will be launched on the market and in order to make it successful, it will have to cost just right.

Fisker Karma 2017 Engine

Engine wise, the upcoming 2017 Fisker Karma is going to depart from the old GM petrol engine and rather inefficient electric motor in the favor of a more compact, powerful and efficient unit. The petrol engine may be changed with a Chinese made 2 liter turbocharged inline 4 petrol engine but we strongly believe that this will only happen on the Chinese version of the car. The International model on the other hand will likely get a US made 2 or 2.3 liter turbocharged inline 4 coming from Ford which will be able to deliver the power, refinement and fuel economy people are expected to get from a car which costs well over $100,000.

2017 Fisker Karma engine

The petrol engine will be mated to a generator and just like before, it will charge a set of batteries. This time this could increase to around 20 kWh which will allow the Karma to get nearly 50 miles on a single charge and thanks to the extra petrol engine, it will have an extended range of 350 miles which is quite nice for its class. An all wheel drive model has also been rumored but at this point in time it may seem a bit too far away.

Exterior of the Fisker Karma 2017

The exterior design of the car will likely be very similar to the car which has been released back in 2012. The front end will likely be identical with the long hood, sloping roof which makes it look like a coupe and the short back end to make it look more aggressive.

2017 Fisker Karma rear view

The car will likely get laser headlights and new LED clusters in the back as well as new badges but the design will remain similar. The 22 inch wheels are also going to be gone in the favor of smaller and lighter units that will make it more comfortable.

Fisker Karma Interior

The interior of the new 2017 Fisker Karma on the other hand is expected to be all new. This is because the old suppliers have been dismissed and on top of that, the car has been criticized as being quite poorly made. We expect a similar seating layout with four very comfortable seats but the old instrument cluster, the center console and even the materials will be upgraded.

2017 Fisker Karma interior

In fact, some even said that it will get a massive center-mounted screen which is going to act as the command center for all of the car’s functions. This may raise some questions as Tesla has a similar setup but until it will be launched we can’t say much more.

2017 Fisker Karma Price

Many people rumored that the upcoming Karma is not going to cost over $120,000 which is still a substantial amount but it may just work this time with the improvements it should receive.

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