2016 Skoda Vision C Price

Geneva Motor Show was the place where we saw the 2016 Skoda Vision C for the first time and since then a lot has happened, which led the Czech car maker to decide to get this concept into production. However, the interesting thing is that Skoda does not plan this model as a replacement to one of the three sedans that they already have in their lineup (Rapid, Octavia and Superb), actually, they plan for this model to be one of the first models from the completely new car line up that the Czech manufacturer plans to unveil in the next couple of years.

2016 Skoda Vision C Exterior

On the outside, the Skoda Vision C 2016 looks absolutely stunning – it is probably the most beautiful car that the Czech manufacturer ever presented. The car has a big chrome grille that dominates in the front with the Skoda logo above it and with big triangular-shaped headlights that have the latest LED lighting elements. Furthermore, the front bumper has fog lights that have the exact the same shape as the headlights. The back of the Skoda Vision C is a whole another story – the roof line ends with the trunk lid going over the end of the car (something we have seen before on Audi A7).

2016 Skoda Vision C side

Taillights are also beautiful and different than any other set of taillights you could have seen – they have unique shape and LED elements that make different shapes when turned on. The trunk lid is also in unique shape – with its center going towards the interior.

2016 Skoda Vision C front view

The designer of the 2016 Skoda Vision C decided to show it off in a bright green color that simply looks amazing. Furthermore, they have decided to hide the door handles – on the front it seems that they go into doors, while in the back they are hidden in the black trim.

Skoda Vision C 2016 Interior

When it comes to the interior, the 2016 Skoda Vision C has a very interesting and beautifully designed interior, however, it is not likely that this interior will be in the production model. The Czech manufacturer decided to show a two-tone interior with white as the dominant color, while the black is used to accent different details.

2016 Skoda Vision C interior

The steering wheel, for example, is completely white, except for the Skoda logo and a part of the wheel that is black. The touch screen display is quite big and it is located in the center of the dashboard.

Skoda Vision C Engine

The Czech manufacturer plans to offer the production version of the 2016 Skoda Vision C with traditional petrol and diesel engines, most probably with capacities ranging from 1.4l to 2.0l and most certainly some of these engines will be equipped with turbochargers.

2016 Skoda Vision C engine

Some rumors suggest that the manufacturer plans to introduce a vRS version of the 2016 Skoda Vision C that will have a 2.0l engine that should produce around 280 horsepower.

2016 Skoda Vision C Price and Release date

The 2016 Skoda Vision C is not a production model so the price is not known. The production version of the new Skoda Vision C should be unveiled in 2016.

2016 Skoda Vision C rear

Check out the previous model 2015 Skoda Vision C.

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