2016 Fisker Karma Hybrid Sports Car

While Fisker may not be as well known as Tesla, they were one of the first manufacturers to make an extended range hybrid car which unfortunately was not all that successful mostly to the extremely high price tag of the car and due to its founder which was not able to keep the company on the market. However, not too long ago, the biggest parts supplier in China managed to acquire the old Fisker company and renamed it Karma, after the only car they were making. While this may not be all that exciting, it seems that they will be making a 2016 Fisker Karma which will most likely be launched at a later date.

2016 Fisker Karma Exterior

The only real piece of information we have to far says that the upcoming car is actually going to be called Karma Elux which is a bit unusual. The production model will get a new price tag, closer to the Model S from Tesla and on top of that, it will get a lot of changes under the hood. The car should be ready for sale by the start of 2017 for a price no higher than $120,000 which is still quite a bit high but if the Chinese manufacturer manages to get the car into China then they should not have any problems with this price.

2016 Fisker Karma side view

The exterior design of the 2016 Fisker Karma is expected to remain unchanged which is perfectly fine for us considering that it has to be one of the best looking cars in the recent years. The long hood, the coupe-like roof and even the short back end are all going to be carried over. The side mounted exhausts will also be carried over from the 2012 model but the massive 22 inch wheels are likely going to be replaced with slightly smaller ones in order to make the car a bit cheaper to drive and more comfortable.

Fisker Karma 2016 Interior

Inside the cabin, the upcoming Karma Elux is going to be a bit more different because its main suppliers in terms of interior fittings are now gone. Instead, the car will likely boast an all new interior which will likely showcase a massive center screen as the control center for the car.

2016 Fisker Karma interior

On top of that, the materials will be just as good as ever and while it has been rumored that it will receive five seats, the Elux will likely keep going with only four very comfortable seats.

Engine of the 2016 Fisker Karma

Engine wise, the 2016 Fisker Karma is going to have a very similar powertrain under the hood but because GM is no longer a supplier for them, we expect the old 2 liter turbocharged inline 4 to be replaced with something else. So far Karma have announced that the new model will boast 50 miles of all electric range and just over 340 miles of total range which may not seem impressive but it is actually around 40% better than before. This will likely be achieved with the help of a more compact electric motor and a more efficient transmission.

2016 Fisker Karma engine

The petrol engine which will act as the range extender on the other hand could be, for the first time ever on an American model, a Chinese made 2 liter turbocharged petrol engine. This is expected to develop around 250 horsepower and over 300 lb-ft of torque while using at least 20% less fuel than before. If they will not be able to achieve these numbers we are pretty sure that Karma may use a Ford supplied EcoBoost engine which would not only be able to deliver the power they need, but it would also be quite fuel efficient due to the fact it will run at a constant speed.

You can also check out the 2017 Fisker Karma.

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