2016 Chevrolet Camaro Release Date and Price

A classical all American coupe? What it is not to love for? The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro is set to be quite an improvement over the previous generation thanks to a brand new platform it is based on, the GM Alpha. This means that there will be new engines, transmissions and drivetrain options available for the 2016 model which are needed in order to compete with the Mustang or the BRZ.

2016 Chevrolet Camaro Release Date and Price

GM announced that the price for the new model won’t be more than $24,000 at launch for a base model which is quite nice for such a car. However, this means it will cost more than that of the current generation of $20,000. The official release date has yet to surface but it is highly likely that it will be sometime in the last quarter of 2015.


2016 Chevrolet Camaro review

Let’s start our review with the exterior of the new 2016 Chevrolet Camaro. While the previous model has been based on the first generation of the Camaro, the 2016 one will actually be based on the Europe influenced second generation of the car. This means sleeker body, elongated curves, a larger air intake in the front and smaller headlights as well as round tail lights. All of these will make for a really impressive car and if the renders that were released to the public are true, than the Mustang might finally met its real competitor.


The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro interior is our biggest worry though. Why? Well, because the one on the old model was simply outdated at launch which was a big disappointment and even if it received updates throughout the years, it simply couldn’t compete with the Mustang or the European cars. GM wanted to say that the 2016 model will most likely receive an interior inspired by those found on the current Cadillacs, which is actually quite good news.

2016 Chevrolet Camaro side


Engine wise, the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro is going to feature engines from the cars in the Alpha platform. The base one will most certainly be a 2 liter turbocharged 250 horsepower and 265 lb-ft of torque that has been developed in Europe. This engine is needed in order to decrease the general fuel consumption of the range. There should also be a 3.6 liter turbocharged V6 with around 380 horsepower that should compete with the EcoBoost in the Mustang while the top of the range will remain a 6.2 liter or a smaller V8. This is likely to have more than 500 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque in its stock form.


The engines will be available only with 6 speed automatic transmission which from the other models equipped with these type of transmission, are quite smooth and really fast in changing gears. The standard car will get rear wheel drive and a limited slip differential while an all wheel drive model might be available in the future.

2016 Chevrolet Camaro preview

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